Health Services

  1. The services of a registered nurse are available to any student in the case of sudden illness or accident. First aid will be administered, and the parent or guardian will be notified immediately. In the event of a serious injury or extreme medical emergency, the student will be transported via ambulance to Marlboro Hospital, and parents will be notified immediately.

  2. First aid is immediate temporary care, which excludes the administration of medication.

  3. The nurse does not treat illness or accidents that happen outside the school jurisdiction. 

  4. Health services will include regular checkups for vision and hearing as well as other screenings to assist students in maintaining good health. Physical examinations by a physician are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Parents are encouraged to have their children seen at least annually by the family physician. For those families for whom a physical examination would be a financial hardship, the school will make arrangements with a physician who will conduct a thorough physical examination. The determination of this need will be other criteria acceptable to the Principal and/or Superintendent-Director.

  5. Students who must have medication administered during the school day are required to do so under the supervision and assistance of the school nurse and with the prescription of a physician. All medications are to be delivered to school by a parent or guardian, and all medications will be kept under the control of the nurse in the health office.

  6. When a student fails to report for scheduled medications for the third time in one term, the Nurse's Office will forward a discipline report to the Dean's Office, and the student will be assigned one day in Administrative Detention. For each additional day the student fails to report, the Nurse's Office will forward a discipline report and additional detentions will be assigned.

  7. Communication between the parent or guardian and the school nurse relative to any health problems concerning the student is encouraged and welcomed. A student's medical problem that could affect his/her performance, safety, or general well being during school hours should be brought to the attention of the school nurse.