Metal Fabrication and Welding


The Metal Fabrication and Welding program is designed to prepare students to be skilled fabricators, welders, and sheet metal workers. Instruction includes a range of skill areas, including certified welding, small business ownership, sheet metal duct work, creative blacksmithing, ornamental ironwork, and CNC plasma cutting. Since welding is the core of our program, students can expect to learn all facets of welding in structural steel construction, earth moving equipment repair, pipe-line welding, and orbital welding of stainless steel and titanium for biotech applications. In addition to developing a solid foundation in technical skills, the program emphasizes core values, including community service and good citizenship.

Field trips are an integral part of the curriculum in Metal Fabrication. Visits to apprenticeship programs, job sites, local businesses, and colleges show the students their futures in the field. Our students also have the opportunity to enter numerous regional/national welding and creative metal art competitions. This program has proudly produced many champions.

Students who wish to continue their technical metal working education can attend two- or four-year colleges in the metallurgy, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and metal art areas of study.

Course Offerings:
  • Welding certification in the following:

    • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW / Stick)

    • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW / Mig)

    • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW / Tig / Heli-arc)

    • Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW)

    • Pipe welding in all positions (SMAW and GTAW)

  • Titanium welding (GTAW process)

  • Plasma arc cutting (computer-operated and hand-held)

  • Oxygen acetylene welding (Gas Welding)

  • Brazing

  • Soldering copper and steel

  • Sheet metal layout

  • Decorative copper work

  • Metal cutting

  • Punching and drilling holes in metal

  • Forming metal using power press brakes and rollers

  • Operating power hand tools

  • Operating stationary equipment to shape, form, and bend custom shapes in metal

  • Ornamental iron work / blacksmithing

  • Metal art using new technology

  • Tool making and heat treating


Neil Mansfield, LT  Image

George Aziz

Chris Wittmier  Image

9/29/18 AVR Metal Fab students compete (and win!) in the 15th Annual Fitchburg Forge-In

4/28/18 SkillsUSA State Competition

We are incredibly proud of these amazing students and their achievements at states. Mackenzie advances to the national SkillsUSA conference.

Gold Medal Winners:
Mackenzie Baldinger- Welding Sculpture

Bronze Medal Winners
Heather Gould- Sheet Metal

2/28/18 SkillsUSA District Competition

Congratulations to the following students for advancing to the State Conference in the spring. These students make us all proud.

Gold Medal Winners:
Heather Gould- Sheet Metal
Mackenzie Baldinger- Welding Sculpture

Silver Medal Winners:
Elizabeth Valentine- Sheet Metal
Matthew Gray- Welding
Yago Vaz- Welding Sculpture